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Wizard City and the Spiral Worlds are infested with evil creatures. Become a brave wizard student and take on exciting adventures. Face evil monsters with your friends and prove yourself in exciting trading card duels!!
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1 Sunday   (2013-08-11 2:09 PM)
I have to say, I've lived in Canada my entire life and I've never worn a rccoaon hat. Lol, I want to now though! However, I have gone canoeing. Harder than it looks.Your view of Canada may be skewed, but it sounds excellently intense. The same thing happened to me with Intense Debate! Except for I had the biggest blonde moment of my life and posted replies with my signature/information like 4 times. But Intense Debate would only let me delete one. I agree it's all a big conspiracy. I'm disappointed that The Shire (I realize there are more than one shire, but I enjoy referring to it as, The Shire. It makes me want to watch LOTR.) is over run with hookers and gun crime. That doesn't sound idyllic at all. I could wear a suit, I don't have one though. I have lots of pencil skirts, blouses, dresses, and the like though. And high heels, mmm I do love shoes.

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