Learn Ethical Hacking !! 
Have You Been Searching for website which teach you hacking and cracking ? Or do you want to take revenge on your enemies by hacking into their account? Then here is the right place to learn how to hack ! , Hacking is basically coding using computer languages and the most reliable OS for hacking is Linux and has been . I use Linux For hacking because it is more effective. I started of like you guys , a person vulnerable to computer crime and a person who was often attacked cybertically  . So i learned how to hack by getting advice from professional hackers and now i am a person much like them . So now i thought why keep my knowledge a secret while you can help many people by teaching them what i have learnt so i created this page dedicated to computer geeks or normal people who want to learn how to hack . HAcking cannot be done using a software and if you see in Google a hacking software for free to download , DON'T ! , Because those software are infected with keyloggers , Trojans which will cause you , harm , Software's help us hack , not hack for us . Given Below Are effective methods of hacking which will work for sure ! 



Computer Hacks And Tricks 

1.How to remotely shutdown your friends computer using command prompt (cmd.exe) 

2.Want To Reveal The Passwords Hidden Behind The Asteriks (******) ? 

3.How To Completely Destroy Your Enemies Computer (Warning !! Use It With Basic Knowledge Of Computer)