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11:54 PM
Good Night Everyone !!
We Wish You Good Night And Sweet Dreams :) Till Tommorow !

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1 Fatih   (2013-08-09 5:38 PM)
Very good. Allthough, I think it's much easier to check user and pass at the same time:SELECT * FROM users where usrnaeme='$usrnaeme' AND password = $pass'Plus it's more secure because you don't let hackers now that the usrnaeme exisits you just display usrnaeme and/or password doesn't exist I don't understand the while in conjunction with mysql_fetch_assoc, doesn't work the same without the while?

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2 Xayaan   (2013-08-09 6:07 PM)
Fatih, That method was discontinued due to misuse and hackers have no intrest in hacking into this website, Since it's currently discontinued and further under developement. And what you are asking for requires a MySQL database, Which this web-hosting service does not provide. But anyways that you for your suggestion and Enjoy!

Best regards. happy

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