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Hello mates and fellow visitors! 

   We are back online and functioning after months of inactivity, Stay tuned for new updates, a possible design change, fixing bugs and improvements to the website! 

Now you can login to our websites or register using your favorite social network! Login to Play games, points, and more. 













Best regards, 


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Well , i went through some topics about HTML5 and found out geolocation in HTML5. It sounded pretty cool , so i tried it out. Check it out - >
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Welcome Fans And Users !

As you can see we have completely changed our websites design because our old one was getting creaky and boring :). This website is completely new and super-interactive. We hope you enjoy this websites new design and its new features :)

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Our Content Is 100% Safe And Guaranteed Quality . Our Downloads And Songs Does Not Contain Any Type Of Malicious Software !

Check Out Sitecheck Report ! -->

Best Regards
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We Need More Admins And Mods .

Anyone Who Is Intrested In Becoming A Admin Or Mod Contact Me : Or

But You Should Have Experience And Know Some Knowledge Of HTML and CSS

Thank You

Main Admin
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Follow And Win !

Follow Us On Twitter --> 
And Tweet Us . We Will Select The Winners And Prize Them A Special Gift Presented By Us . So Follow Us Fast And Win ! 

Offer Ends On 25/2/2012
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Thank You . For All The Help Give By You , We Have Grown Much Over The Days Since Creation Of This Website , We Greatly Appreciate You And We Would Continue Developing Our Website To Furthur Limits 


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▒█▄░▒█ █▀▀ █░░░█ 
▒█▒█▒█ █▀▀ █▄█▄█ 
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Recently U.S Has Conducted A Election with the candidates Romnney And Obama , I Personally Voted For Obama Because He Was A Good President And He Has Done Well To Develop The COuntry So Congratulations Obama ! 

To See The Detailed Results Go Here -
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Then Don't Wait And Just Like Our Facebook Page !! , And We Will redeem you gifts ! :D
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