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Meeting again

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It has been a week since i have seen the lovely fighter, i tried to throw her images out of my head but all of them was in HD so i decided to try no more but to treasure those moments,I went to my Dojo as usual today to train and today was sparring day, i had been absent for more than a few classes this month and i was in not such great shape,our dojo had more than one style of martial artists training in it, with several different sensei's, sifu's, mestre's and much more as instructors, i went and took my place in the line of black belts and masters in their practiced art, we did not discriminate or split styles, each person could do any one style or a number of styles altogether, i am a black belt in kyokushinkai karate do, a green in shito-ryu karate do, a brown in shoto-kan karate do, a Blue in vale tudo, a brown in kickboxing and i am also and intermediate in jeet kune do and a brown belt in ninjutsu, but dont be surprised there are fighters with even more combinations and techniques, so our sparring matches had not many rules only a few rules, they were No eye gouges,no crotch shots and no biting, and also if an opponent give up u have to let him go naturally,but there was a new student in the womens line a bit ahead of me she looked familiar from behind, dark colored hair and of dark complexion, slender and looking great, we all bowed and greeted our masters and went back a bit far giving each other some space to stretch and warm up for sparring, even while warming up i could help but notice the familiar looking girl warming up at first with normal stretches , then she stared to do capoeira routines, i realized this is the girl from the basketball court that time, i smiled at myself and was happy to finally meet this girl for real, after sometime we all went and sat around the ring , the fights were divided in 6 groups, 1. yellow-green(beginner)male,2.Yellow-Green(beginner) female,3. Blue-Brown(intermediate) male, 4.Blue-Brown(intermediate) female, 5.Black and above male, black and above female.......
in beginner they were allowed to wear protectional paddings along with head gear and gloves and intermediate they were allowed to wear head gear and gloves , in black we just had hand wrapping and a mouth guard, we sat out through the beginner and intermediate fights, and later it was out turn to fight, and the system was a knock out system the fighter stays in the ring till he is defeated or till he wins all the fights against everyone in his group and the one to beat the most fighters in a single go is declared the winner of the session, so technically the person to step into the ring first is the most unlucky one as every one he fights will be fit and strong but also to his advantage it takes some time for the person to adjust to the fight, so as it always started women, the dark haired capoeira girl was the first one to step into the ring, she bowed to each of us , which gave me a hint she also practiced karate-do, her opponent was a Muay Thai Kickboxer named as jenny well known for her anti-capoeira take downs , The master than announced jenny vs Rita and start, Rita tried to perform a few capoeira kicks but jenny defended too well, much to my amazement Rita Changed her style to Jeet kune do and started to circle around Jenny, jenny exploded on Rita , but Rita calmly blocked all her kicks and punches her goal was to tire her opponent and not to tire herself i could see that she was planning to defeat all the fighters in her whole group and to my amazement she did, changing to different styles in each fight in some fights using more than 4 styles all together she finished all of her opponents most with knockouts and and a few give ups, she bowed to all of us and went and sat down in her place,

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